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Welcome to International Alumni Association (“IAA”), and thank you for visiting our site. We encourage all visitors and members to please carefully review the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS before using this website or any associated Services. Your use of this site or the Services described below indicates your acceptance of these terms.

Our TERMS AND CONDITIONS apply to all activity occurring on our website (www.thealumniassociation.com) including all pages on the www.thealumniassociation.com domain, any related domains, third-party domains hosting intellectual property, blogs, social networking properties, member databases, and internal or e-mail submissions, regardless of whether they are specifically referenced herein (“the Services”).

By using the Services, you warrant that (a) you are competent to understand and abide by the terms; (b) you have read and understand the terms; (c) you agree that the terms are valid; (d) you have entered into a legal agreement with International Alumni Association, Inc.; and (e) you agree to abide by the terms during your use of the Services. If you disagree with any of the terms set forth below, you should not use the Services and you should immediately contact IAA’s customer service department. Please be aware that IAA may amend the terms and conditions from time to time, with all changes posted here. Your continued use of the Services further warrants that you accept any amendments IAA may make.

Statement of Non-Affiliation

International Alumni Association, Inc., d/b/a IAA is a for-profit New York corporation. IAA is not associated or affiliated with any other organization or entity except for those specifically identified in the Services provided by IAA. If any other individual, organization or third-party of any type represents to a user that it is somehow affiliated with IAA, the user is asked to report and/or verify this representation to IAA by contacting: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IAA Membership Benefits

IAA is one of the world's leading third party alumni associations dedicated to furthering the advancement and professional development of our membership. The IAA provides a suite of services to its members, including but not limited to; providing a unique online networking tool for professional college graduates to connect with fellow alumni and other professionals, functioning as a 3rd party endorsement and/or accreditation of our members, personal branding service that emphasize online visibility, professionally written biographical profiles for member use on our website or their social media profiles, increased online exposure through a personal webpage on the IAA website, recognition of achievements (of certain members) who have excelled in their field or profession, as well as representing a member's alma mater through our proprietary university database and network.As detailed below, IAA offers a large selection of products and services, with each program tailored specifically to the diverse needs of our members:

Complimentary Basic Membership – Limited Benefits / Non-Interactive:  A basic membership with IAA is free of charge.  The Basic Membership entitles the member to a basic listing within the IAA's member network which is searchable by other members of IAA, and visitors to the IAA website.  A Basic Membership is not interactive, and Basic Members do not have access to the member network. Furthermore, the Basic Membership does not permit the member to actively use the services beyond what is described in other levels of membership.

Paid Membership – Enhanced Benefits:  Experience has shown that IAA members reap benefits in proportion to the degree of commitment and active participation they give to their membership.  To maximize our members’ opportunities, IAA has developed tiers of Services which maximize member participation. Enhanced Benefits include: access to the online network, managed networking service, professionally written biographical profile, personalized public web page on the IAA website, and much more, which are offered to paid members at several different membership tiers.

IAA Membership & Renewals

All paid IAA memberships are for the agreed upon term commencing from the date of registration. Your IAA membership will not automatically renew at the end of the term. Beginning approximately thirty days (30) prior to the end of your membership term, you will receive a personal phone call from an IAA staff member along with multiple notification emails reminding you that your membership is set to expire, along with instructions on how to renew your membership.

Upon registration and payment, the IAA automatically sends you a welcome email containing your login information, as well as, a link to these Terms & Conditions which you are required to read and accept and acknowledge prior to immediately benefitting from the IAA services that you have signed up for. IAA systems track and log your acknowledgment of the Terms & Conditions, and maintains a record of your access to the services.

Immediately upon your registration, acknowledgement and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, IAA will automatically complete your initial membership profile in our network so you will start receiving the benefits of your membership without delay. At the same time, IAA automatically enrolls you in the ancillary benefits through our business partners and pays for your enrollment up-front. IAA membership sales are final, as is discussed below.

If you wish to become a member or renew, please contact our Membership Department at +1 718 489 8637, email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit our website.

If enrolling by phone and paying by credit card, your verbal authorization to charge your credit card will be recorded and kept on file, and our Compliance Team reviews each recording to confirm that authorization was given. In the rare event that authorization was not clearly recorded, IAA will contact you to explain and receive a clear confirmation.

All Membership Sales Final

IAA delivers its services to you immediately upon your subscribing to our service. At that time, IAA pays to enroll you in its third-party programs, to complete and manage your profile, and for each of your tier-specific benefits. As your membership coordinator explains during your phone interview, all of IAA's annual membership sales are final and fully-consummated at the time of your annual subscription and you agree that IAA may collect all outstanding dues by charging the credit card provided at the time of original sale. There are no refunds of your annual membership fee, or other paid for services.

Use of Member Network

IAA expressly reserves the right to use all information members provide in association with their basic or advanced profiles, including name, geographic data, professional data, and other information, keeping in mind that we are very judicious with the use of our members’ information and make every effort to identify opportunities that are beneficial to our members.

Use of Services and Proprietary Information

The Services and all information provided within the Services are the intellectual property of IAA and are proprietary to IAA (“Proprietary Information”). As such, all Members of this website, the Services or Proprietary Information agree that the Proprietary Information is protected by U.S. and international copyright, trademark and/or other intellectual property laws, and that the unauthorized use, copying or appropriation of the Proprietary Information may subject the user to civil and/or criminal liability and/or termination of your membership privileges.

IAA makes its Proprietary Information available only to members, for the express purpose of furthering IAA's mission. The provision of Proprietary Information constitutes a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license, granted only for this purpose and no other. Members acknowledge that the Services are subject to change according to the needs of IAA's members, as determined solely by IAA and without specific notice to Members. Members and users further acknowledge that circumstances may arise in which the Services are found to contain errors or other deficiencies, but that IAA shall have no liability to Members and users in the event such circumstances arise. In addition, Members and users agree that interruptions may periodically occur, and that IAA shall have no liability to Members and users for such interruptions. Specifically, Members and users agree that they have assumed these risks in exchange for the benefits IAA provides through its Services and other offline opportunities.

Members and users may not engage in any of the following conduct with respect to any of IAA’s Proprietary Information, including Proprietary Information found or hosted on third-party sites, social media platforms, etc. All such conduct is forbidden, and Members and users agree that the following types of conduct may give rise to civil and/or criminal liability, and/or termination of your membership privileges:

  • Reproduction, in any form by any means and through any forum, of the Proprietary Information without the express written authorization of IAA
  • Modification, distribution or republication of the Proprietary Information for any purpose other than that of furthering the IAA mission
  • Transfer of the Proprietary Information to any other person, entity or third-party without the express written authorization of IAA
  • Removal of or obscuring any copyright, trademark or other proprietary notices from the Proprietary Information
  • Granting any non-member or other third-party access to or use of the Services or Proprietary Information without the express written authorization of IAA
  • Participation in any conduct which disrupts or in any way interferes with the intended use or operation of the Service
  • Participation in any conduct which in any way interferes with another member’s use of the Service
  • Participation in any conduct which in any way attempts to reverse-engineer any of the Services or Proprietary Information, or which in any other way attempts to decompile any of the proprietary Information
  • Participation in any conduct which otherwise violates the Terms and Conditions

Members and users specifically acknowledge that the Services and Proprietary Information may contain IAA’s copyrighted material as well as its trade/service marks, and further acknowledge that nothing in these Terms & Conditions, or any other aspect of membership, confers any ownership interest in IAA’s copyrighted material or marks. Members and users acknowledge that ownership of IAA Proprietary Information, copyrighted materials and marks are exclusively IAA’s.  Members and users agree that they have no interest in any intellectual property belonging to third-parties but licensed to IAA’s use in association with the Services or Proprietary Information.  Any attempt to alter, remove, copy or otherwise misappropriate any such intellectual property shall be deemed a material breach, subjecting the user to forfeiture of membership as well as civil and/or criminal liability, and/or termination of membership privileges.

If, in IAA’s sole discretion, a user or Member is found to be in breach of these terms, IAA reserves the right to terminate the offending user’s license(s) as well as their membership status. IAA expressly reserves all other rights and remedies that may be available in the event of such a breach.

Confidentiality of Proprietary Information

Members and users agree that all Proprietary Information is confidential and that the sole ownership of such information rests with IAA and shall not be transmitted in any manner without the express, written authorization of IAA. Members and users further agree that all Proprietary Information is trade secret-protected, in that it is independently valuable, not generally known within the industry outside of IAA and its limited licensees to whom it is provided solely in furtherance of IAA’s mission, provides IAA with a competitive advantage in the marketplace, kept secret and subject to reasonable safeguards within the IAA organization and released only to those with a need to know or in accordance with a limited license, and not subject to reverse-engineering or independent discovery or duplication without substantial expertise or by improper means.

Further, Members and users agree that their uses of the Proprietary Information under the limited license granted herein shall be solely in furtherance of the Mission. Members and users acknowledge that any other use of Proprietary Information, including but not limited to unauthorized copying, editing or publication to third-parties, constitutes misappropriation which may subject the offending user to civil and/or criminal liability as well as the remedies set forth above.

Finally, Members and users acknowledge that Proprietary Information shall not be used in any circumstances detrimental to or competitive with IAA, and that any such misuse may subject the offending user to civil and/or criminal liability as well as the remedies set forth above.

If, in IAA’s sole discretion, a user is found to be in breach of these terms, IAA reserves the right to terminate this license as well as the offending user’s membership status. IAA expressly reserves all other rights and remedies available in the event of such a breach.

Acceptable Use

Members and users agree that the IAA membership experience may be devalued by or users who violate these Terms & Conditions to the detriment of the IAA user community. To maintain the ongoing high quality of our community, Members and users agree to the following acceptable uses of the Services and Proprietary Information:

  • To use the Services and Proprietary Information only in accordance with the Terms & Conditions
  • To maintain control over the secrecy of all access information, including usernames and passwords, used to gain access to the Services and Proprietary Information
  • To refrain from any activity that is detrimental to IAA members, including posting disparaging information about other members
  • To refrain from any activity that is competitive with or detrimental to IAA or any of its affiliates or partners
  • To refrain from any activity identified as fraudulent or without authorization under Title 18 U.S. Code Sec. 1030, including the reproduction, duplication, copying, selling or trading of the Services or Proprietary Information; the transmission through or implementation in the Services or Proprietary Information of adware, malware or computer viruses; and/or the deletion or interruption of the Services or Proprietary Information, with the exception of the user’s personal information when done in accordance with the membership agreement
  • To refrain from any other conduct which might place IAA Members and users or IAA itself in a negative light


IAA has invested heavily and takes pride in its customer service and organizational leadership directed at building and maintaining a positive membership community. If any user has questions, comments or concerns about IAA membership, they may be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Members and users agree that any false, inaccurate, misleading, disparaging or otherwise defamatory statements made about IAA and/or its members would cause immediate, irreparable harm to IAA and its membership community. Therefore, Members and users agree not to engage in any conduct which in any way communicates such statements, including by posting them to any Internet site of any kind, whether controlled by a third-party or the user. In the event any user breaches this agreement, the user further agrees to the following:

  • User authorizes IAA to contact the Internet provider in control of the site on which any such statements are posted and demand immediate removal of the statements
  • To the extent such statements are posted on a site controlled solely by the user, user agrees to immediately remove the statements upon notification by IAA and, should user refuse to do so, user will be responsible for IAA’s reasonable fees and expenses to seek removal of the statements
  • User agrees that such statements have caused IAA and/or its membership community to suffer immediate, irreparable harm sufficient to warrant a court to award temporary injunctive relief should such relief be necessary for removal of the statements
  • User agrees to cooperate in every respect with regard to the removal of such statements, including to execute any documents necessary to effect the removal

If, in IAA’s sole discretion, a user is to be in breach of these terms, IAA reserves the right to terminate this license as well as the offending user’s membership status. IAA expressly reserves all other rights and remedies available in the event of such a breach.

Limitation of Liability / Legal Conditions

Members and users agree that the Services and Proprietary Information are made available as-is, with all faults and without any express or implied warranties of any type. Members and users further agree that IAA is a service provider as that term is understood under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. As such, Members and users understand that IAA is immune from tort liability with respect to, inter alia, liability for false, misleading, or defamatory information or content that may be contained within the website provided, that was posted or provided by third-parties.

Members and users expressly waive any and all warranty claims, and IAA expressly disclaims all warranties, including:

  • warranties of merchantability
  • warranties of fitness for a particular purpose
  • warranties related to infringement of third-party rights
  • warranties related to accuracy or completeness of information provided by IAA or its members
  • warranties that the Services or Proprietary Information will be free from disruption or malicious problems such as viruses
  • warranties that membership in IAA or use of the Services or Proprietary Information will yield a particular business result or otherwise enhance the user’s career in any way
  • warranties related to the utility, reliability or safety of third-party sites or content referenced or linked to by the Services or Proprietary Information, and IAA specifically disclaims any endorsement of or control over any content provided by any third-party source

Members and users agree to indemnify and hold harmless IAA from any losses, damages, claims, demands or obligations arising out of Members’ breach of these Terms & Conditions. Members and users agree to bear sole responsibility for such breach and to remunerate IAA for any expense or burden whatsoever associated with such breach, including the payment of reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs. Members and users are 100% responsible for the content that they post to IAA’s website. Accordingly, the Member and user agree and hereby holds IAA harmless and agrees to indemnify IAA from any damages, suits, actions, or liabilities that arise out of the Members and users postings with respect to any cause of action whatsoever, including but not limited to, defamatory remarks or publications, trademark or copyright infringement, or infringement of any intellectual property right. IAA’s maximum liability and Members’ sole remedy for any cause whatsoever shall be limited to the amount of a user’s membership dues. IAA shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever associated with Members’ membership or use of the Services or Proprietary Information or any interruption of same. Should any term of Members’ agreement with IAA be found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be unconscionable or otherwise invalid or unenforceable, all other terms shall continue in full force and effect.

Choice of Law / Arbitration

Members and users agree that all disputes shall be governed by the law of New York State, without regard to any other principles, including conflicts of law, comity of nations or any United Nations convention, except that Members and users agree that “misappropriation” as defined in the Uniform Trade Secrets Act shall govern with respect to controversies or actions sounding misappropriation of trade secrets and/or the use of IAA Proprietary Information. Only those disputes arising out of IAA membership or IAA’s delivery of Service and/or Products to its Members or users shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules of the U.S. Arbitration Act, as administered by the American Arbitration Association. Members and users agree that any arbitration should be held within the City of New York, New York, before a panel of three neutral arbitrators. Further, Members and users agree that any arbitration award in favor of Members and/or users under these Terms & Conditions shall not include any consequential, exemplary, special or punitive damages. Members and users agree that the result of any such arbitration shall remain confidential and subject to the entry of a suitable non-disclosure order. Any other suits or chooses in action, not specifically referenced above as being arbitrated, must be venued and/or commenced in the New York State Supreme Court, New York County (Manhattan). Nothing contained in this paragraph shall limit or otherwise prohibit IAA from invoking the jurisdiction of the New York Sate Supreme Court to obtain any form of injunctive or equitable relief.

Complete Agreement

Members and users agree that these Terms & Conditions and the associated Privacy Policy constitute the complete agreement between them and IAA, and that any other purported agreement, in any form, is wholly superseded.