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Who we are

The International Alumni Association (IAA) is one of the world's largest alumni networks, dedicated to connecting and recognizing professional graduates from all major universities and educational institutions worldwide. We are a professional association comprised of top alumni, who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in their careers and have contributed with distinction to their field. Representing all major institutions of higher learning and education across the globe, the organization serves as a brain trust and launch pad for member networking opportunities as representatives of their respective schools. With more than 150,000 members across the world, IAA’s rapidly growing member network is redefining the standards in personal branding in the digital age.

The International Alumni Association is where members discover opportunities, develop their personal brands, further their professional growth, and increase their competitive edge in today's challenging professional world. Our online, community-focused platform for fellow alumni and professionals forges connections and creates opportunities, utilizing one of the largest direct networking tools on the web. Members enjoy benefits that include tailored personal branding services, a professionally written biography, representing your alma mater as part of an international affiliation, and access to an extensive career network. Our senior copywriters will craft your very own professional biography, creating a custom online profile and brand that will set you apart from the rest.

More than 150,000 members have already made meaningful connections by joining the International Alumni Association. As our community grows, the number of connections and networking opportunities available to members will continue to add to the value and expertise of our network. Every new participating member lends their diverse professional background and experience, helping to further the level of resources and knowledge available to other members. Our staff works tirelessly to provide an unprecedented level of service and will continue to help you establish long-lasting and lucrative relationships.


The International Alumni Association's suite of member-centric networking and branding tools are specifically designed to advance members’ professional development. We provide custom, individual, carefully crafted personal profiles about you and your brand, so that you feel confident about presenting yourself to other IAA members and the rest of the world. We also offer a large selection of products and services in addition to professional networking, ranging from professional biographies, personal branding and access to a career network, to creating and driving traffic to personal websites. Each service is specifically tailored to meet your needs, written with custom SEO-friendly copy, and implements the finest marketing tools our team of experts has to offer. IAA membership ensures that you are highly visible through every major search engine on the web. As personal branding experts, we help you stand out from the crowd by providing a personal brand that will exhibit your unique style, strengths and accomplishments. As an IAA member, you will not only have the ability to network with other alumni, but you can take your brand on the road by using the profiles we create for you in other online media outlets to enhance your own brand, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and any other platforms or sites you may utilize.

In today’s competitive environment it is critical for professionals to develop a wide, solid network and personal brand; IAA helps you do that. Once we build your custom biography and brand, we link you to our global network of like-minded graduates and professionals. IAA members experience invaluable benefits including increased online visibility, enhanced brand awareness, and job opportunities. Each member has access to a proprietary network and branding tools, the ability to view and post jobs on our career network, as well as access to the support and resources needed to make lasting connections. Easily searchable for visitors, IAA profiles also function as a top point of reference for alumni from major institutions all over the world.

The International Alumni Association is more than just an association of accomplished professional graduates. We are a full service online networking and personal branding platform, helping connect you with fellow alumni. Whether you hold an undergraduate, graduate or a doctoral degree, our alumni at the IAA represent the diverse leaders and professionals of major educational institutions across the world. We offer a space to make authentic connections with other members, helping you to share your unique experience and expertise gained since graduation. We believe that a relationship-based approach brings long lasting success in the professional world, and we help foster these relationships through our unique network.

Personal branding is a key benefit of IAA membership. Our team of experts realize that networking and branding is meant to differentiate yourself and your business in the market, giving you the ability to attain your objectives, be it landing your dream job or growing your business network to an international level. Our team works in collaboration with you to highlight your accomplishments and define your brand. We aim to position your assets in a unique way, setting you apart from your competitors, while connecting you with a valuable network.

We at the International Alumni Association are committed to providing top-tier service to our members. We have cultivated a unique community that helps our members connect, conduct business and make themselves known to their other members and the world. Whether you are a recent graduate or a well established professional, you will greatly benefit from the wide array of services and connections we offer. We look forward to the continued growth of our networking community and encourage all alumni looking to grow their communities to join us and start making valuable connections with other like-minded graduates today.


The International Alumni Association is an international network of alumni dedicated to expanding the professional influence of our collective membership by connecting, branding and recognizing professional graduates from all major educational institutions. We are committed to advancing and empowering the personal brand that showcases each of our members, and to creating meaningful professional connections across our participating membership.