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Membership in the International Alumni Association comes with clear benefits designed to empower our members to expand their public image and increase visibility on the regional, national, international and global markets. Our services are rigorously devised to provide each member the best opportunities for recognition and personal brand integration possible, providing the opportunity to connect and network with fellow alumni.

Professional Networking

Members are welcome to leverage our extensive network of professional alumni. With over 150,000 participating members representing every major industry and diverse array of professional backgrounds, the IAA is comprised of the world’s foremost talent and established senior business professionals. As a member, you have unlimited access to foster connections across our membership, and to take advantage of our full suite of networking tools including a public profile, professional biography and online branding services. The International Alumni Association networking platform provides a unique approach to member networking, be it networking with members from your alma mater or other institutions. Unlike traditional alumni associations that limit themselves to one respective school or conventional online networking communities that lack an alumni-centric focus, at the International Alumni Association all our members share the common ground of wanting to develop professional relationships and network with other forward-thinking professionals.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding is a key benefit of IAA membership. In order to develop a personal brand, it’s important to understand your primary goal: to demonstrate what sets you apart from the competition. Once you understand your attributes and strengths, it’s possible to define yourself as a brand and position yourself to stand out against your competitors. There is no thing as too much visibility when you're talking about your personal brand. IAA member profiles are optimized to secure high rankings with search engines, thereby giving you another prime piece of digital real estate to showcase your personal brand.

The IAA can help define and promote your personal brand by aligning your web presence with the market niche you seek, offering third party endorsement, and the prestige and credibility that comes with membership. By offering an authentic third party accreditation, our affiliation will highlight your brand to help you stand out from the crowd.

Professional Biography

You’ve worked hard to forge your own career path as a successful professional. Now it’s time to let a professional tell your story. Membership in the IAA means one of our senior copywriters will craft your very own biography, to help your profile tell your story in an effective, SEO-friendly and compelling way. In today’s competitive digital age, all brands require content and strategy that extends beyond basic social media to get their message across to the target audience, and the same holds true for individuals. Having a professional biography is a great tool to increase your online visibility. Many of our members who are business professionals also use their professional bios on their LinkedIn profiles, websites and other professional online properties. Our members understand the importance of having a professionally written profile that can be easily found online.

Represent Your Alma Mater

As a member of the IAA, you are a representative of your alma mater. Open to those with undergraduate, graduate, doctoral degrees or post doctoral degrees, our alumni demonstrate the diverse leaders and professionals of major educational institutions across the world. IAA members will also have prominent visibility on their respective graduating school university pages, where visitors can see which members from our network represent their schools. Members can use this to connect with fellow alumni, or reach out to alumni across other institutions of higher learning. IAA membership helps established professionals to refresh a stale or stagnant network and even serve as a mentor to young professionals, while those starting out can get a leg up in the competitive job or market.

Online Exposure

It’s important to develop a web presence that reaches the maximum audience possible. We create a customized professional profile that highlights your work history and biographical information. Each profile is indexed into all of the major search engines, improving your branded presence online and increasing your search engine rankings. Being recognized and ranked among top alumni will help you stand out and increase your visibility, worldwide. Many IAA professionals also link their profile to social media or business/personal websites, helping to drive traffic and increase brand unity and search engine optimization. IAA member profiles are optimized to secure high search engine ranking, thereby giving you another prime piece of digital real estate to showcase your personal brand.

Alumni Recognition

IAA is one of the world’s largest professional alumni networks, comprised of professionals who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in their careers and have contributed with distinction to their field. Our network opens the door for serious alumni to be recognized across the globe. Connect with fellow alumni and let your contributions stand out as a representative of your alma mater. Our membership has demonstrated professional excellence in a range of industries, and includes leaders of business management and finance, healthcare, legal and government administration, education, digital media and the arts, and entrepreneurship.

Career Network

Our members are passionate about their careers. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a top executive, as part of the International Alumni Association you will find yourself in the company of highly driven professionals who are always looking to push the boundaries of excellence. With over 150,000 members, the International Alumni Association distinguishes itself as an exclusive, one-of-a-kind networking forum. Our stringent member vetting and approval process ensures that our community reflects an accomplished, diverse and international association of professionals committed to excellence and with an established track record of achievement. On the IAA Jobs Board, members can post and search for jobs posted by other members, opening the door to opportunities for serious professionals across the globe. The International Alumni Association provides a global online, community-focused, open platform for fellow alumni and professionals to increase connections and opportunities utilizing one of the largest career networking associations on the web.