University of Southern Mississippi

5th Wheel Training Institute
D.O.-Osteopathic Medicine-Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences


Cardiovascular Risk Reduction; Clinical Research; Preventive Medicine; Cardiovascular Disease; Diabetes, Lipidology, Hypertension, Sleep Disorders, Chronic Kidney Disorders, Mental Health, Cardiovascular Genetics, Autoimmune Disorders


Sam Fillingane, D.O., is one of the leading physicians in the United States specializing in cardiovascular risk reduction. Through extensive research, Dr. Fillingane was instrumental in developing a strategy of care for cardiovascular patients that led to amazing improvements in cardiovascular outcomes. As a sought-after leader in cardiovascular medicine, Dr. Fillingane teaches the strategies that he developed in across the nation in hopes he will witness serious decline in cardiovascular event outcomes! Dr. Fillingane was the TV host of a national television show related to cardiovascular risk reduction, “Straight To The Heart." Dr. Fillingane utilizes his vast experience and knowledge of cardiovascular biomarkers to identify patients at risk for cardiovascular disease and how to remove that risk from each patient. Dr. Fillingane developed the 8 disease state model of care which identifies the 8 disease states that cause circulating inflammatory factors leading to plaque formation and plaque rupture. Dr. Fillingane's approach to cardiovascular risk reduction has been effective in nearly eliminating cardiovascular events within his high risk patient population and now he hopes to reproduce those results in clinics world-wide.