The John Hopkins University;
Masters, Computer Science
Immaculate Heart College;
Bachelors, Sociology, Immaculate Heart College


Mr. Weil is a a co-editor and author of the 2012 ANSI standards on Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). He is also a contributor the IEEE 1609 standards on Wireless Access to Vehicular Environments (WAVE). His publications are available on Google Scholar - ;;


Tim Weil has been in the IT industry for the last twenty five years. Tim started his career in Data Communications services for international corporations providing a variety of services in public and private data networks. In 2000 Tim took the role of Senior Network Engineer with Bearing Point providing network and security engineering for U.S federal agencies. In 2004 Tim became the Program Manager for Beta Systems North America dealing with enterprise identity management for large corporations and federal agencies.. In 2005 Tim became a Security Architect for Booz Allen Hamilton working on projects for federal agencies (including IRS, DHS, USCG, DIA, NIH). In 2009 Tim took the role of Chief Information Security Officer with JD Biggs and Associates, an IT Security Consulting practice in the US government sector. Since 2010, he has served as Senior Manager- Information Security US Antarctic program, Senior Security Consultant at Coalfire, Chair of IEEE Denver Communications Society Chapter and current role of Risk Management Team Leader (FISMA) with the U.S Department of Interior. Tim leads a team of policy and security analysts in these functional areas - management reporting, governance/risk /compliance, interconnection security agreements and security documentation and testing for 40 agency systems.