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Posted by Paoline EKAMBI on January 9th, 2019.

Paoline Ekambi is President and Co-Founder of Sportail Community, a firm that serves as an intermediary platform between top athletes and companies. A lifelong leader and trailblazer for women in business and athletics, Paoline comes from a background in business management and entrepreneurship, design and creative services, and athletics. As President, she oversees partnerships, promotions, committee management, new business development and strategy development.

With Sportail Community, she also provides services to advise and support companies that wish to communicate and develop through the lens of sports, and to apply her vast knowledge of the sports sector to marketing, branding, and goal-setting at large.

Having launched her career as a professional athlete in the Ligue Nationale de Basket, at the age of 19 Paoline was the first woman on a French national sports magazine cover. She spent 20 years at the highest level of sports, before transitioning into media and communications and TV sports consulting.

After completing her secondary school education in France at the Institut National du Sport et de l'Education Physique (INSEP), Paoline attended Marist College in the United States, where she received a bachelor’s degree in Interpersonal Communication and Fashion Design. She then attended the BTS Model Making and Fashion Design program of Art & Style Lyon. She is also a Certified Community Manager through TAMENTO Agence de Webmarketing, and studied Communication Strategy, Brand Management and General Communications at HEC Paris. 

Before running Sportail Community, Paoline also did private consulting services through PEK Consulting. With Sportail Community, she was nominated in the short list of 2016, “Sport & Management Trophies, in the category "successful professional conversion of top athletes over 35" organized by TPS Conseil, and she also won the Changed By Sport challenge in the human vertical organized by Adidas Group France in 2017.

A resident of Île-de-France, France, Paoline speaks fluent English and French, as well as a working proficiency of Russian. She credits her success to her preparation techniques, hard work and dedication.

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