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Posted by Deb Wood on April 3rd, 2019.


Mrs. Deb Wood holds a Master’s Degree in Health Sciences from McMaster University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Mrs. Woods who is currently retired, has over 40 years of experience working in health care and was a neonatal nurse practitioner during her medical career. Deb finished her professional career as a University level professor and spent 5 years in the education industry. 


Mrs. Wood is highly active in the changes in her field and is a member of the Canadian Nursing Association (CNA) and Registered Nurse Association (RNAO) lobbying groups, an MS organization as well as her local church. During her undergrad studies, Deb graduated Cum Laude for her bachelor’s degree in Nursing and has received multiple internal leadership / performance awards throughout her career. 


Mrs. Wood is a people person and initially chose the health care industry so she could interact with others and help individuals in need. Deb credits her success to the people she worked with, her personal interest in the field, motivation, and health industry politics. In the near future she would like to pursue her doctoral education and continue to enjoy time at her family's cottage. 


Throughout Deb's career she is most proud of working as a neonatal nurse practitioner and being able to help infants and families at their most vulnerable times. Deb Wood is a highly educated, caring individual who had a long career helping others and their loved ones.


International Alumni Association Member, Deb Wood, can be found on the Association Directory where she is looking forward to networking with you. 

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